Loop Sideboard mit 3 Türen von Coucou Manou

This loop cabinet was designed by Nell Beale and her UK-based atelier Coucou Manou. Inspired by a chance encounter with wallpaper in a photographer´s studio, the cabinet features a striking pattern grooved into the doors using a CNC router. The rest, however, is handmade with American black walnut veneered sides and black valchromat, and then hand-painted and finished with a hard wax oil. The Three Door Loop Sideboard has two fixed uprights and an adjustable shelf behind each door. The doors are hung using concealed hinges (please note the side image of the cabinet is to illustrate the side view) and open with a push catch system. This piece is handmade to order, with a choice of beautiful peacock colors: blue, dark blue, green, or gold. Production time is 6 - 8 weeks with delivery taking place within 8 - 10 weeks.
2 375.00 EUR

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